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NANUQ is the new lifestyle brand for winter outdoor activities. Founded in Switzerland in 2020 with the aim of offering a stylish snowshoe with an excellent price-performance ratio. A snowshoe should not just be a means to an end. Rather, it should serve to discover beautiful winter landscapes and sometimes untouched, wild terrain comfortably and effortlessly. Thanks to maximum safety, adhesion and high wearing comfort, NANUQ ensures unforgettable experiences. Snowshoeing means getting to know the mountains from a different side. Snowshoeing means freedom.

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At NANUQ everything revolves around snowshoes and the matching accessories. Already used thousands of years ago to move around in snowy altitudes, snowshoes are now an integral part of winter sports. And rightly so, because they allow you to discover untouched, wild terrain and immerse yourself in the beautiful Swiss winter landscape.

Thanks to secure adhesion, maximum wearing comfort and ideally coordinated material, NANUQ ensures unforgettable experiences every winter.


Snowshoeing has become a trend sport. No wonder, since it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful mountain world away from the ski lifts. However, the search for a suitable model is not easy, as we found out for ourselves. That was the cornerstone of NANUQ: snowshoes with the highest level of comfort, unique design and the best value for money.

NANUQ now offers exclusive, selected models for both beginners and professionals. With our latest collection, we have therefore focused entirely on the product properties that are most important from the customer's point of view. We want to make the purchase decision easier and offer winter sports enthusiasts the best possible selection according to their needs.